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The following links help us raise funds for the rescued animals through your purchases or donations. Thank you for placing your order through these sites or making a direct donation to us. 

Our 2022 "Things we really could use" List is further down on this page. Please help the rescues by taking a look. You may already have some of the items we could use. 

Help us continue to provide compasionate care to senior, abused and special needs farm animals.

Make a one time or monthly donation using your Paypal account, or Debit & Credit Card: Paypal Registered Donation Site

When you order from Amazon, our Sanctuary will receive .5% of your purchase at no cost to you. Go to the above link and put Mociso Farms Livestock Sanctuary & Rescue, Ltd. as your selected non-profit. Then order as usual through your Amazon app (set your app to always use or through on your PC. You will notice when you order a little note from Amazon saying your ordered item is part of Amazon Smiles Program. Koolio!😎

😉Grounds and Hounds Coffee

This company sells coffee and gives back to animal causes. Use our link to save and they'll give back!

🤩Donate through our Go Fund Me Site

😎Donate through Facebook Messenger @mocisofarms

Misfits Market

Use this link to save $10 AND our rescues can get $10 off so we can get them some extra veggies!


🙂Shop Kroger and use your Rewards Card

To Use the Kroger Community Rewards Program: Simply visit Once logged into your Kroger account find the Community Rewards. You can search for "Mociso Farms" either by name or number "BC358" and then click Enroll.

*If you do not yet have a Kroger rewards card they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger

😉Chewy Pet Supply

Check out our wish list at Chewy pet supply! Mociso Farms Livestock Sanctuary and Rescue ltd | Ekron, KY | Chewy We have partnered with Chewy Pet Supplies to recieve a small perecent of any purchase you make.  Chewy will donate $15 to our Sanctuary for first time buyers!!  You can also choose to purchase items in our wish list to help the rescued animals. Go through the link above. Thanks!

Sponsor One (or More!)of our farm residents! 🤩Sponsor HERE

Just set up a monthly donation and contact us if you'd like to choose a particular animal. A $10 monthly donation helps offset feed and expenses for a goat, sheep, pig, dog or cat. Don't forget our feathered and small animal friends...just $5 monthly will help provide for a chicken, duck, turkey, goose or a rabbit. 👍 Everything helps!

Check out the slideshow below. Maybe you'd like to sponsor one of those handsome residents??

😘DISCOUNT on all kinds of animal housing

Awesome! We are now an affiliate of Aivituvin (they have coops & pens for chickens, rabbits, reptiles & other small animals). They have offered a 5% discount to our supporters! Purchase through the link now to get the discount. Any time you order in the future Aivituvin will give back 5% to our rescue! Ca-Ching for the animals!!

😎Do you use essential oils for cleaning and to help your animals?

Guru Nanda offers a great discount when you purchse through our link. Save $15! You save, We save!

Feed it Forward -Nominate us for a Nutrena grant

Please check out our Supply List below. You may have some items hanging around that we could use for the rescues. Thanks!

Sheep & Goats
Sheep & Goats
Getting their feed on!
Porky Pig
Porky Pig
Just $10 a mth to sponsor Porky
Our lovely lady
Our lovely lady
We have some beautiful ewes!
Capt Frizzle
Capt Frizzle
Rescued from behind an ice cream shop!

We need these items!

❤2022 Much Needed Supply List ❤



Goat Feed & Mineral

Sheep or All Stock Feed

Mini Pig Feed

Rabbit Feed

Duck Feed

Chicken Layer & All Flock Feed

Barn Lime

Disinfectant Cleaners

Fencing and Barn Items:


wood (any size)

Fence poles

cattle/pig/sheep panels

fence wire

chicken wire

hardware cloth

old farm gates

left over roofing materials

water troughs

feed containers


white fence paint 

Our "sponsor page" lists businesses that have supported the Sanctuary & Rescue.

cracked corn

rolled oats


black oil sunflower seeds

alfalfa hay or pellets

beet root pulp

construction sand


Goat & Chicken Toys:

wire spools

play houses


climbing items

kiddie pools



Old towels and rags

latex or fabric gloves


storage containers

5 gal buckets with lids

Giftcards to: Rural King, Orscheln, Tractor Supply or any other farm or feed stores.

As always monetary donations are a big help Donate here.

Thank You!

We are a Kentucky non-profit association. Donations may be tax deductable!!

* Check out our PHOTOS page to see more sanctuary residents.*